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Silver Pendants

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  • Lara

    Add a touch of instant glamour to any look with this stunning orange Swarovski crystal heart pendant. This piece captures attention and is sure to turn heads with its brilliant combination of orange, amber and white. This is a beautiful heart shaped pendant to give as a gift for a special occasion or to purchase for yourself and add to your everyday...

  • Harmony

    Slip this gorgeous sterling silver “framed” piece of artwork around your neck and instantly transform your outfit. On the outside, it’s a stunning hammered frame of silver, showcasing a vibrant Swarovski turquoise flower at the center. Wear this spectacular floral pendant to the office or let it dress up your favorite little black dress in color and style.

  • Green Grace

    A smooth sterling silver bezel, sparkling emerald green Swarovski crystals and beautiful blue gems – this glorious pendant has it all. All these details make for a playful, upbeat piece, and it hangs from a lovely double beaded chain for additional dazzle. This is a magnificent pendant to add instant glamour to any outfit. It’s one in a million, and...

  • Jillian

    This romantic sterling silver slider pendant celebrates the beauty of a soft and simple color palette. Pale green and golden yellow dazzle within a wide silver frame. Swirls of gold and silver twist this way and that, throughout, giving this beautiful piece head-turning appeal. What a stunning pendant to offer someone you love as an anniversary, Mother’s...

  • Clear Sky

    It’s never been easier to dress to impress. This spectacular blue and white floral, thick slider pendant hangs from multiple black leather cords. It’s a stunning pendant that will turn heads the moment you enter a room. Lovely bright blue marquise-cut Swarovski stones form petals on an elegant floral design, with delicate pearl beads at each flower’s...

  • Spirited

    This lovely treasure is the perfect pendant to brighten up your wardrobe any day of the week. Graceful swirls all around the bezel are like ribbons of silver surrounding a lovely bold blue flower that peeks in from the right side of the piece. Effortlessly elegant, with a bohemian, free-spirited look and feel, this pendant is pure magic. It adds a bold...

  • Sofia

    This little treasure of a pendant will brighten up every outfit. With a pretty flower at the center and silver swirls dancing against an amber and aqua backdrop, this pendant is pure beauty. It adds a soft and feminine touch to any look and will have friends and family questioning where you got it. Marquise-shaped Swarovski crystals form a delicate pale...

  • Ryleigh

    Flowers and elegant crystals go hand-in-hand to create a feminine pendant that exudes beauty.  This pretty pendant features a bold sterling silver wavy shaped bezel with beautiful green marquise cut petals inside. Amber crystals and dainty beads have been artistically placed to create a fun, abstract design. This pendant is ideal to wear for that weekend...

  • Sara

    This stunning teardrop-shaped pendant exudes subtle sophistication. Oh-so-lovely with a waved design, it's chic and elegant with gorgeous pink and grey Swarovski crystals. This lovely pendant will take your breath away. Pair it with a white blouse, purple or black sweater—the pink crystals will truly pop.

  • Braided Beauty

    Show off your carefree side with this magnificent ring of detailed beauty. Designed in sterling silver, the intricate details of this “braided” pendant are a sight to behold. This divine ring of silver captures the light from all directions. What a gorgeous accessory for work or weekends. It’s versatile and pretty, ideal for everyday wear and special...

  • Raindrop

    A gorgeous blue Swarovski teardrop crystal and delicate beads enhance the beauty of this stunning statement piece.  This sterling silver wrapped pendant would complement many outfits, adding a splash of glamour to your wardrobe. Vibrant blue and aqua, pearl beads and dazzling clear crystals shine like stars against a blue sky. Every woman should own a...

  • Divine

    When it comes to accessories, beauty is in the details. This stunning pendant elevates your everyday look. What a beautiful pendant to add a touch of feminine style to your favorite outfits. A spectacular royal blue crystal shines from the center, surrounded by a circle of blue stones.  The chic design adds the perfect finish to any outfit.

  • Amber Blossom Pin

    Add a stylish touch to your look with this elegant floral pin. Perfect for wearing day or night, this is a must have for every woman’s jewelry collection. A classic pin like this one adds extra pizzazz to any outfit and is ideal for the office or a night out with the girls. This beautiful pin is sure to make a statement.

  • Alyssa

    If you’re looking for a feminine pendant that will capture attention every time you wear it, this lovely square pendant is for you. With a pale mint flower of Swarovski crystals blooming in a hammered sterling silver frame, this is the perfect accessory for work or weekends. Give it as a gift for a best friend, sister or Mom. What a thoughtful gift she’ll...

  • Juliette

    Show off your carefree side with this free-spirited pendant, designed to be beautifully unique. The style is abstract, the colors are gorgeous and the dazzle is endless, reflecting light off of the rose, lilac and amber crystals. A delightful string of feminine beads weaves its way throughout this design, framing every Swarovski crystal with additional...

  • Golden Bud

    Add knock-out glamour to any outfit with this stunning round pendant that shines with a golden touch among white and silver crystals. Add a stylish finish to your look with this lovely accessory. Featuring marquise cut Swarovski crystals and beaded pearl accents, this piece is perfect for keeping you ahead of the trend. 

  • Opal Bloom

    Perfect for wearing day or night, this simulated opal floral pendant blooms with magnificent style. Accentuated with silver swirls and gold fleur de lys accents, this gorgeous waved pendant will add instant style to your look. Wear it to the office, on a casual weekend with the girls or to that elegant dinner party you’ve been looking forward to. You’ll...

  • Dreamy

    This captivating pendant is a wardrobe staple. It features ultra-bold blue and white stones in an abstract sterling silver design. Pair this gorgeous pendant with sterling earrings for a look that’s both chic and edgy.  Wear this beautiful piece to work, for a special occasion, date night with your sweetie or for the social event of the year. No matter...

    $116.00 $145.00 -20%
  • Vivianne

    Top off a daytime or evening look with this bold and beautiful blue and brown slider pendant. Crafted in sterling silver with a hammered edge, this wide pendant features a lovely combination of bright blue stones and amber/brown Swarovski crystals, silver swirl accents and delicate beading. This is the ideal everyday pendnat with a modern and trendy edge....

  • Wishful

    This glorious round pendant with a pearl-like center stone is the ultimate in glamour. It radiates beauty with colorful crystals in amber and orange, fleur de lis accents and sparkling beads.  This gorgeous pendnat is designed to get you noticed, taking any look to new heights as you turn heads with your bold and sophisticated style. Stunning textured...


    Sleek and elegant, this stunning silver drop pendant makes a lovely first impression. This gorgeous piece is modern and feminine, featuring colorful Swarovski crystals in pretty shades of green and purple. A shimmering center and shiny hammered silver edge gives this divine pendant additional sparkle. This is the perfect accessory for every day of the...


    Row upon row of elegant silver beading highlighting a gorgeous clear Swarovski center give this stunning pendant a filigree look and vintage appeal. Cool clear crystals and dainty simulated pearls add to the beauty of this unique creation. Wear this glorious round pendant to dress up any look. It’s versatile and neutral to pair with any colors and...

    $110.40 $138.00 -20%

    Bold and modern? Soft and feminine? No matter what sets you apart from everyone else, this gorgeous accessory puts you in the spotlight, with all eyes on the beauty of this mesmerizing pendant (and you of course!) With golden swirls, fleur de lis accents, textured bronzed ribbons and a captivating black onyx center, this exquisite creation is a perfect...


    This spectacular sterling silver pendant in a loosely-shaped cross design features elegant textures and brilliant touches. A patterned silver ribbon wraps itself around this one-of-a-kind treasure with trios of clear Swarovski crystals at each station. Every woman should have this pendant in her collection. Wear it with the elegant silver chain for an...


    Escape to a tropical paradise where the breathtaking color of the sea is captured in a single turquoise simulated opal at the center of this exquisite pendant. A polished sterling silver vine wraps itself elegantly around this stunning statement necklace. This one of a kind pendant is absolutely gorgeous—a work of art that evokes a feeling of happiness...


    Every woman deserves to look and feel like a beautiful princess and this regal pendant is just the accessory that will add royal style to any look. Gold and silver, burnt orange and seafoam green—these are all the unique colors that give this magnificent slider pendant its elegance and glamour. Glittering with Swarovski crystals that reflect luxury with...


    This gorgeous pendant is like the ocean floor… filled with treasure after treasure. You’ll be in awe of the magnificent color, movement and life that this piece exudes. Turquoise simulated opals are feminine and luxurious while silver fleur de lis accents look like dazzling starfish drifting in a sea of breathtakingly gorgeous textures and gems. From the...


    Designed to bring the beauty of three unique treasures—silver, gold and pearls—to life, this divine pendant has the luxurious look of textured diamond dust, shimmering as a backdrop. Polished sterling silver waves outlined in pearl beading move gracefully on either side, while a glorious two-tone flower blooms from within. Stunning as your go-to piece for...


    Tears don’t always reflect unhappiness. Happy tears can flow when someone gives you something extra special to show their appreciation for all that you do. Give a gift from the heart—give someone you love this stunning pendant to demonstrate how much they mean to you. With elegant black and white Swarovski crystals, feminine pearl stones and gold beading,...


    This stunning cross pendant is beautifully wrapped in ribbons of sterling silver.  With a lovely white mother of pearl at the center, this pretty pendant will match everything in your wardrobe. Wear it to the office, on weekends and to add a pop of faith to an elegant dark dress. What a gorgeous expression of faith and love to give or receive.


    Here’s an elegant pendant with beautiful crystals in all shapes and sizes. This gorgeous open circle pendant is like a warm breeze off the Mediterranean.  Sparkling with Swarovski crystals in brilliant shades of stunning turquoise and royal blue, this magnificent sterling silver creation is great for work or play. All eyes will be on you and this pendant,...


    Pretty pale turquoise crystals, silver swirls and brown accent crystals form a floral design in this beautiful open circle pendant. Elegant and feminine, this stunning pendant will add color and style to any outfit in your wardrobe. Modern and bold, this spectacular piece hangs from multiple leather strands. This pendant will quickly become your go-to...


    Express yourself in magnificent style wearing this brilliant open circle pendant. An exquisite work of art, this gorgeous sterling silver pendant features lovely golden flowers accented by pearl centers and curled petals. Swarovski crystals sparkle elegantly, commanding attention as they capture the light. Whether you’re giving a presentation or dancing...


    Get ready to shine wearing this bright and feminine oval pendant with a spectacular green crystal at the heart.  You’ll be the envy of all your friends wearing this unique pendant. Packed with elegant details like rose gold swirls, silver accents, brown crystals and pearl beading, this stunning pendant is bound to turn heads. Be the first and only one to...


    A pendant this gorgeous deserves to be flaunted. Wear this magnificent sterling silver pendant to brighten up any look. At the heart of this stunning design is a mesmerizing Swarovski crystal reflecting green, gold and yellow tones that add even more beauty to this exquisite piece. No detail has been overlooked bringing this feminine pendant to life. From...


    It takes a true artist to create such a stunning pendant that mixes color and textures to take the eyes on a magnificent journey. The iridescent Swarovski crystal at the bottom of the pendant creates harmonious balance with the polished sterling silver accent at the upper right corner. What a breathtaking pendant to add to your wardrobe or offer as a gift...


    When you’re looking for the ultimate gift for a special occasion, milestone birthday or anniversary, this is the pendant that will leave the recipient speechless. From the glorious iridescent green crystals that add a bright and joyful sparkle, to the rose gold details and breathtaking simulated blue opal at the heart, this pendant adds instant dazzle to...


    Lose yourself in the sheer beauty of this gorgeous “feel good” pendant. With a bright pink Swarovski crystal at the heart, surrounded by marquise cut blue stones, dainty pearls and sparkling clear crystals that shimmer from every angle, this pendant captures the beauty and individuality of the woman who wears it. What a fabulous gift to give or receive. 


    This spectacular sterling silver pendant features uplifting feminine shades of purple, mauve and pink. The marquise cut crystals seem to blossom from within the pendant along with a lovely strand of tiny pearl beads. A polished sterling silver bezel adds to the sparkle of this one-of-a-kind treasure. Every woman should have this pendant in her collection.


    Be mesmerized by the soft and stunning blue Swarovski crystal at the center of this magnificent pendant. Beautifully crafted to blend with denim and casual wear yet also look gorgeous with an evening gown or silk jacket, this piece is versatility at its best. You can wear it to work, for a special event or for a weekend getaway. It’s the most elegant...


    Relish in the sophisticated design of this gorgeous sterling silver pendant with soft and feminine shades of green and blue.  With sparkling Swarovski crystals and pretty white beading creating eye-catching contrast against a dark background, you’ll look elegant and chic wearing this pretty pendant to work or for weekend gatherings. It’s a versatile...


    Add a touch of sophistication to your wardrobe and stand out from the crowd wearing this feminine sterling silver pendant that dazzles and brightens up any outfit. With a shiny bezel and gorgeous simulated opals framed in elegant pearl beads, this is a pendant that you’ll surely love. It would make the perfect addition to your wardrobe for casual or...


    Like a refreshing breeze blowing over the ocean, this breathtaking sterling silver pendant is a mix of blue and black Swarovski crystals and a gorgeous simulated turquoise opal at the center. Is it perfect for date night? Absolutely! Could you wear it to the office? Without question! It’s the ideal accessory to turn heads no matter where your day or...


    A stunning aqua Swarovski crystal will light up the room with breathtaking beauty and cool sophistication. Multifaceted to reflect light from all angles, this stunning pendant also features royal blue and black stones to offer dazzling contrast against the beauty of the aqua showstopper.  A pendant that will elevate the elegance of any wardrobe, this...


    With a hammered edge, elegant pearl beads and a mesmerizing simulated mother of pearl show stopping center, this gorgeous pendant is the perfect accessory for any occasion. Its true beauty is reflected in every detail. Wear this feminine pendant to brighten every outfit and face each day with style and elegance.


    While this stunning pendant is similar to Orit’s Silver Vine pendant, the turquoise simulated opal at the center is marquise cut and is framed in lovely crystal accents. It captures the beauty of the sea in an elegant design that will turn heads and start conversations. How elegant, feminine and fun!  With a magnificent sterling silver vine wrapped around...


    Good things come in all shapes and sizes. This stunning pendant is proof of that with gorgeous Swarovski crystals shimmering in all shapes and colors. The diamond shaped sterling silver bezel showcases marquise cut mint accent stones surrounding a breathtaking grey crystal, accented by gold beads and aqua crystals. Everything about this pendant is unique....

    $127.20 $159.00 -20%

    Imagine finding a genie’s lamp and being granted three wishes. One—peace in the world. Two—a healthy, happy family. Three—an Orit Schatzman pendant to boost your spirit no matter where or when you wear it. This breathtaking sterling silver pendant gives you a mix of color, texture and style. With geometric accents on the top of the bezel, and a beautiful...


    Soothe your soul with the calming shades of purple and mauve radiating from this necklace. A lovely mix of mauve and amethyst Swarovski crystals, white pearl beading and elegant silver swirl accents make this stunning pendant an eye-catching conversation piece. It's the perfect pendant to turn heads and set your look apart in an elegant and bold fashion. 


    If you’re looking for a pendant that will awaken your entire wardrobe with a burst of color, elegance and style, look no further! This breathtaking pendant features a muted blue Swarovski stone at the center and offers silver and gold beading, a pretty simulated opal, mint crystals and a breathtaking mix of sparkle and shine. It’s ideal for work or play...


    Get ready to mesmerize wearing this one-of-a-kind pendant that has so many eye-catching touches, you won’t know where to look first. A beautiful blend of color and style, this dazzling sterling silver pendant is fringed with fine gold chain and accentuated with rose gold touches. A feminine flower blooms from the center of this magnificent piece. This a...


    You should sparkle every day, and with this spectacular pendant around your neck, you will. Beautiful tones of peach and black grace this stunning sterling silver pendant with a gorgeous smooth silver swirled edge and stunning multifaceted peach Swarovski crystal. Silver beads and elegant crystals sparkle throughout this design. Wear this statement piece...


    A multitude of glittering Swarovski crystals, delicate white pearl stones and a detailed rope edge give this sterling silver cross incredible style. It’s so lovely it will stop admirers in their tracks. Designed with subtle tones of silver, white and gold, the boldness of the cross itself gives this glorious sterling pendant a faithful following. 


    Looking for unique jewelry that will have jaws dropping when you enter the room? This breathtaking pendant will leave your admirers speechless. With fringed chains dangling along the bottom and glistening silver details along the intricate edges, this pendant makes a statement, to say the least. Every single detail has been perfectly placed to take your...


    You’ll be smitten with this spellbinding black and peach necklace overflowing with gorgeous Swarovski crystals. This is a truly stunning pendant that will showcase your extraordinary fashion sense. Now you’ve got even more reason to purchase those opera tickets, attend that black tie fundraiser and wear that elegant ballgown reserved for the very best...


    Like a stunning mirror, this highly polished round sterling silver pendant is beauty at its best.  A wave of peach Swarovski crystals and pearl beads make this gorgeous statement piece shine even more so.  This silver pendant would complement many outfits, adding a splash of glamour to your wardrobe. Every woman should own a statement pendant like this...

  • Red and Silver Teardrop

    This is a pendant made with Swarovski crystals.  It is extraordinary and it makes the design shimmer in many ways. You can buy it for yourself or for someone you love.  The pendant can be daywear or glamorous, fashionable and bold jewelry. This is a stunning necklace and it looks even nicer while wearing it.  When it is worn in the sun, it will be...

  • Every Woman’s Dream

    This is a blue colored Swarovski crystal. It is easy to wear and playful. It can be added to any leisure outfit with a classic touch.  The crystals catch the natural light and will sparkle without having to move. Whenever it catches the light, it will glow and glimmer. Its large blue crystals are beautiful, and they are mixed with tiny gold and white...

  • Sun Pendant

    This pendant is an essential part of any jewelry collection you own. It is a real classic Swarovski crystal. It has a golden, blue and white sheen.  The style may look simple but at the same time attractive and sparkling.  The round pendant is gorgeous, and everyone who wears it is happy about how the light can make its crystals sparkle.  The colors in...

  • Statement Necklace

    This is a large sparkling crystal pendant that is made with different colors of Swarovski crystals.  It is found in blue, green and white.  It can be faceted when it catches the light, and it will refract and reflect it into millions of sparkles.  Everything with this pendant has been finished at the highest standard.  It is shiny and smoothly finished....

  • Blue pendant

    This pendant is made with Swarovski crystals that are authentic and of the finest quality.  The crystals will glitter with any movement and sparkle even when there is the lowest light setting. The jewelry will glimmer on any occasion, like a bridal event, wedding, date or party.  The jewelry features a stunning polished finish, and this ensures the piece...

  • Charm Pendant

    This is a charm pendant Swarovski crystal in a teardrop shape. Its teardrop design is crafted in silver metal while it is decorated with a vintage black crystal.  The jewelry offers a flawless accent to any outfit that you may put on. It is a perfect option for every dressy occasion.  It is silver with white and red accents. It has a high polish which...

  • Aurora

    This Swarovski crystal necklace is a stunning piece of fashion jewelry. It has glittering crystals that shimmer when there is even a single movement, and it sparkles even in low light settings.  You can wear the jewelry to a bridal event, wedding, date or party.  The necklace does not cause any irritation or allergic reactions for anyone.  The crystals...

  • Pear

    This Swarovski crystal pendant is in a simple pear shape, and it is made so that the crystals reflect the light. It is covered in precise-cut faces and it glitters in a beautiful way.  It will be a focal point on the necklace. It is a simple and quick design which looks elegant.  It is of high quality and precise cuts. The crystals stand out and add...

  • Round Cut

    This beautiful piece is made in a donut shape, and it has been given the Swarovski treatment.  The pendant is circular and wide with an opening that can lift towards its top, and it is finished with a faceted surface. The facets allow the crystals to shimmer when they are in light regardless of their angles, and they give off an amazing sparkle. The...

  • White Center

    This is a pendant made in a sun design. It is circular and it features a precise cut facet while it creates the sunburst pattern on every side. The facets allow the pendant to sparkle and shine. It is made in beautiful colors which make it look good always.   The crystals were made with the best process, and there are no bubbles inside.  The crystals...

  • Genuine Blue and Silver crystals

    This is a classic silhouette, and it will make a lovely addition to your collection. It features a stunning blue crystal as its centerpiece.  The blue crystal is surrounded by clear crystals that are paved to give an extra shine. It is ideal to give as a gift. Its color makes it perfect to be worn with every dress and for every occasion. You will make a...

  • Black and White Cross

    This is small cross necklace that is made using Swarovski crystals, and it can be worn by both women and men.  It is made with two colors, and the surface of every crystal has been made smooth. It is designed to protect soft skin. The product is made with healthy and environmentally safe products, and it is worth the extra cost. It is a unique and simple...

  • Women Fashion

    This is the ideal gift to give to your lover, wife, mother or daughter. The crystals are arranged to create an attractive design.  The crystals are made with high standard technology with micro-painted enamel, which makes this necklace stand out.  The pendant features a floral pattern on one side.  You should check the actual size of the pendant before...

  • Glamour

    This is a pendant that should be viewed as the best friend of any woman.  This is good for someone who wants glitz and glamour but cannot afford diamonds.   These crystals offer the highest sparkling effect, and it features give outright glamour and shine.  It combines white, green and black colors.  It is an artistic design that has many shapes that have...

  • Multicolored Teardrop

    This is a genuine product with pure Swarovski crystals. You can find it in the authorized shops around you.  No other brand will be able to match the brilliance of this pendant in its gorgeous colors.  When you close your eyes, you will still be able to sense the genuine quality of this item.  This is a unique item in design and style.  The pendant has...

    $129.59 $161.99 -20%
  • Blue Cluster

    This is a round pendant with a huge blue crystal inside while small crystals in black, white and blue are found around it.  It is designed inside a silver body.  It is a genuine product. It is known because of its classic style and unmatchable shine. Its shapes and cuts are unique in how they appear, and they are crafted in an effective design that will...

  • Key

    This is classic pendant in the design of a key. It is made largely with silver and a blue crystal as a centerpiece.  This design has become a statement of sophistication and elegance for everyone who loves crystals.  The clarity of its crystals, its intricate design, and its diamond-like sparkle make it unparalleled in popularity. The crystals are coated...

  • Sunlight

    This is a white and golden pendant in a round design.  This is not cheap glass, and in fact it is considered to be one of the best glasses available.  It is made with the glass, but it has been leaded. This means that it has more weight; it adds more brilliance on the glass while the lead makes the crystal even softer and easier to cut. This is why this...

  • Trendy

    This is a round pendant with blue and black details with silver. Small silver crystals add more details to the pendant.  The pendant has been made by a reputed brand.  It features crystals in different shapes and size.  This is a piece of jewelry that is coveted around the world, and it ends up sparkling whenever it meets the light.  It has been designed...

  • Pear shaped

    This is a pendant with small crystals surrounded by silver.  It is made with the highest quality crystals, so it is glamorous with an added sparkle.  The crystals are machine cut, so they are uniform in size and appearance.  The crystals do not have bubbles while looking within the bead.  The facet junctures do meet at one point, and there are no swirls...

  • Ladies’ Choice

    This is a tear drop pendant with a large sky blue crystal with small white, khaki and blue crystals around it. It is housed in a silver housing.  This is one of the best crystal pieces you can find in the market.  It is loved because of its clarity, consistency and precision. Even if it can be seen as expensive to some, it is still of the highest quality...

  • Mystic

    This is a pendant with silver, blue and golden crystals.   The piece has been designed in the prized way, and it is a finished piece that will be flawless and wearable for any occasion.  This is a custom designed piece and it is worthy of its price.  This is a very versatile piece that can be worn by women of all ages. However, the best part is that it is...

  • Mysterious woman

    This pendant is made with the most appealing materials that are arranged in a very appealing way.  It is hard to differentiate between two pendants as they are made very meticulously.  The crystals have been named the poor man’s diamond, and they hold their value for some time.  The reason for this is that it is easy to maintain these crystals.  With this...

  • royal blue

    This classic blue pendant will always remind you of the calmness of the sea. It features stones with various blue colors that are placed in the center of a rectangular silver plate, making it more glamorous and eye-catching. You can wear it daily for a more elegant look, but you can also wear it for a special occasion like an office party or a birthday...

  • Classic Royale

    This is another beautiful pendant that will always help you look classy like 1950s female stars. The mesmerizing red blood stone color is not intimidating but rich and beautiful. This is a more feminine pendant with a graceful flower-like shape of stone. The distribution of the small silver gems on top of the round plate make the pendant more compelling...

  • Blue Fever

    At first glance, this charming pendant will remind you of a nature goddess. The darling turquoise stones that create leaves will catch your attention first, but other variations of little green and silver stones elevate the look of the pendant to be even more glamorous. This pendant can be worn to a casual afternoon occasion to brighten your summer dress!

  • Vintage Coral

    This dreamy pendant will elevate your look for any occasion. The main sea blue stones are designed to look like leaves or perhaps sea plants. No matter what you see in the pattern, you can be sure it will always be mesmerizing. The small pinkish and grey stones make it more dream-like. The unique shape of the plate also makes this pendant more distinctive...

  • Tribal Blue

    This is an elegant pendant for a classy woman like you. This circle-shape pendant has many potential perceptions at a glance with its soothing blue color: a sea full of seahorses, a magnificent classic flower, or an ocean full of colorful fish. The imperfect round shape of the pendant also reminds you of something about life: even a pretty thing can be...

  • Stellar Gold

    Unlike other pendants, this particular queenly gem is quirky and might remind some people of a snake. This pendant may look down to earth with its unique design, but it stands out in a crowd and will take any outfit to the next level. The calming yellow and classy silver colors of the pendant create an air of simplicity that is suitable for a woman who...

  • Flower of the Sea

    This flowery pendant will be a stunning addition to your outfit for an afternoon tea or any formal occasion. With its eye-catching shape, the calming variant of blue color stones is able to soothe the eye of anyone who glances at this splendid pendant. The small silver gems and pearl also enhance the delightful look of this pendant and make it look classier.

  • Charming Gold

    Disney’s Moana might be the inspiration for this fascinating pendant. The variety of green colors will remind many people of the sea. The main pendant in the center encapsulates the beauty and the mystery of the ocean. It does not have only one color but a variant of colors that could hypnotize anyone. The unique shaped pearls placed throughout the...

  • Posh Blue

    This pretty and interesting pendant has a youthful feel. The distinctive shape will give your look a playfulness, and people will be attracted to you as they will find you approachable. The whimsical silver exterior surrounds a gorgeous arrangement of blue crystals and beads. This pendant is unlike any other and will be sure to make heads turn. This...

  • Boho chic

    The current bohemian trend is captured in this particular pendant. The iconic bohemian colors of brown, purple and magenta are featured in its gems, and they are all put together to create this stunning piece of distinctive jewelry. The main silver plate in the center stand out, but it does not overwhelm the gorgeous design. This pendant would look...

  • The Princess Diamond

    The variety of yellow colors on the main round cut gem of this pendant totally catches everyone’s eye. It has bright yellow to dark yellow gems, which creates a unique color scheme for this pendant. The arrangement of the pearls is neat and creates a majestic look that is sure to turn heads. This pendant will elevate your look for any special occasion.

  • Aqua Sapphire

    This bohemian style pendant has a major turquoise color scheme that will surely boost your look to a whole new level. The unique silver stone in the center gives the pendant a more exquisite look. Those little yellow gems make the pendant look more delightful. It will add to your bohemian look for everyday style, and it can also be a great companion to a...


    A delicate flower set to the side and set within a sterling silver backing.  The Daisy has a multi-color centrepiece that is sure to bring compliments.  This beautiful pendant is feminine with a touch of whimsy.  The setting has texture and draws the eye around the piece, making it true highlight to any outfit.


    The Wishing Well pendant shows off a deep blue stone with beading and accents around the border.  A wrapped silver accent to the top of the stone adds texture and detail that offsets the center piece.  A beautiful design with a large blue highlight, the sterling silver complements it well.


    A beautiful, tear-shaped pendant with smooth silver wrapping around an amber center stone.  The amber and silver work well together, with the backing of the piece making a deep, 3D look. The beveled edges of the pendant add texture and make the piece stand out. 

  • Virtue

    A sterling silver bezel emits radiant shine against a black backdrop with beautiful amber petals. Marquise cut Swarovski crystals in a soft and feminine palette give this spectacular pendant its chic style. Pair this glamorous accessory with a black or white blouse at the office or let it steal the show at the next dinner party or gala celebration. This...

  • Floral Shimmer

    Treat someone special (or yourself) to the gift of a stunning teardrop shaped pendant, glittering with Swarovski crystals. Sparkling in beautiful shades of silver, amber and golden yellow, this delightful sterling silver pendant is a glamorous accessory that will add the perfect amount of sparkle to every outfit. Of course it’s ideal to make a special...

  • Sublime

    Modern and feminine, this bold sterling silver pendant has a unique shape and a gorgeous hammered bezel. A stunning rose gold Swarovski crystal rises into a point from the center with lovely gold and silver swirls highlighting its beauty. Set against a midnight black background to really make this piece pop with elegance, this is a wonderful everyday...

  • Ginger

    All eyes will be on you when you wear this sophisticated peach Swarovski crystal pendant. Beautifully serene, like the moon shining over the desert, this lovely pendant was designed to mesmerize. The chic Swarovski crystal at the center is surrounded on all sides by a sparkling mix of stones in subtle shades of peach and rose that pop against marquise-cut...

  • Blue Romance

    A silver heart is always the right accessory choice! Orit designed this one to be extra special in blue rather than red. This spectacular sterling silver pendant features uplifting feminine shades of blue mixed with dainty white pearl beading. The floral marquise-cut Swarovski petals blossom from the bottom of the pendant, upwards, like a vine growing...

  • Clara

    Fresh simplicity. Bold elegance. That only begins to describe how wonderfully unique and stylish this brilliant sterling pendant is! Simple black chains are framed in dainty beads and designed to pop against a polished sterling silver bezel. This pendant offers easy elegance to take you from the office to a special evening. A must-have pendant for every...

  • Bright Eye

    This lovely hamsa-style pendant has a gorgeous blue Swarovski crystal shining from the center. Exuding a peaceful and protective aura, a magnificent watchful eye is said to ward off bad luck. A piercing baby blue crystal reflects light and color off of the polished sterling silver design. Ideal for the office, running errands or going out to dinner, this...

  • Silver Web

    Like a rosy sun shining in the evening sky, this beautiful pendant is sophisticated simplicity at its best. A magnificent peach Swarovski crystal rises from the center, while silver beads and fleur de lis accents create a sense of perfect harmony. This is a stunning pendant that sparkles in the light, making it ideal for daytime or evening looks. It’s a...

  • Spring Fling

    Like the gorgeous shades that welcome Spring, this stunning sterling silver pendant sparkles with bright royal, lime green and baby blue Swarovski crystals. With a lovely open oval design, this divine sterling silver pendant is a breathtaking mix of joyful colors that exude happiness. Pair it with a white sweater or blouse for the office and then take the...

  • Pure Joy

    You’ll exude joyfulness wearing this spectacular blue teardrop pendant with gorgeous swirls of silver, and bold, beautiful touches of green and orange. Two partial flowers adorn the top and bottom corners of this lovely pendant while a faceted baby blue stone edged in delicate pearl beads graces the center. Wear it to the office, for a party, or for any...

  • Evening Sky

    Turn your eyes towards the sky and be mesmerized by the deep shades of the heavens after midnight. Or you could be just as captivated by this stunning pendant. With deep purple, blue and black marquise-cut crystals shimmering from every angle, accented by white opalesque stones and clear, dazzling crystals, this pretty pendant really wows. It’s the...

  • Romantic Gesture

    Whatever you do, do it with your whole heart.  This stunning necklace is a romantic combination of rich browns and wedding whites. Marquise cut Swarovski crystals blend with pearl accents and silver swirls to create a feminine heart pendant that you won’t want to take off. Whether you’re dressed to the nines for an evening with your sweetheart or you’re...


    Exquisite Swarovski crystals in beautiful iridescent blue give this extraordinary pendant elegance and intrigue. Wonderfully unique, the oval design adds fashion-forward sparkle and color to any look. Designed to complement your favorite day-to-night looks with ease, this pretty pendant is a must-have addition to any wardrobe. You’ll turn heads and look...

  • Roam Pendant

    This vibrant pendant will make you want to dance with joy. It has such depth and beauty with its magnificent colors and free spirited style. A unique accessory with a breathtaking mix of royal blue, purple, pink and red, this stunner has a multifaceted oval Swarovski crystal as the brilliant showstopper. With a waved silver edge, this is the perfect...


    There’s always one piece of jewelry in a woman’s collection that has everyone asking ‘where’d you get that?” This delightful pendant is that piece. Soft and feminine, this pendant features apricot Swarovski crystals, soft pale aqua beads and swirls of silver, that bring this gorgeous creation to life. This is the perfect pendant for the office, weekend...

    $95.00 $190.00 -50%