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Gold Pendants

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    Make a grand entrance wearing this stunning gold statement piece. With a creamy white Swarovski stone at the center, surrounded in dazzling clear crystals and gold and white beads, this beautiful pendant will steal the show. It’s neutral enough to be worn to the office for that important presentation, and elegant enough for a festive soiree or social...

  • MUSE

    A gorgeous soft palette of dreamy white and gold echoes the beauty of this wavy pendant. This bold accessory is effortlessly chic with an antique look and feel. The stunning white mother-of-pearl stone at the center gives this show stopping pendant its elegant look. This is the ideal wow-worthy pendant to wear from workday to weekend. Add it to your...


    Like a shimmering pool of water, reflecting multiple shades of blue, this breathtaking waved golden pendant boasts a brilliant mix of Swarovski crystals in all shapes and sizes. From the dazzling aqua crystal accent, to the marquise cut indigo stones and vibrant blue center, this modern piece also has a vintage vibe. Prepare for the compliments when you...

  • Golden Circle

    Nothing pulls a look together like the finishing touch of a gorgeous, bold golden pendant like this one. With a hammered, round gold bezel showcasing lovely rose and white Swarovski crystals, this stunning pendant is ideal for work or play. The moment you put it around your neck, admirers will be asking you where you got it. And because every Orit...

  • Golden Blue

    Get ready to make an entrance with this eye-catching blue and gold teardrop pendant. With a beautiful mix of clear and blue Swarovski crystals and stylish gold colored beads, this spectacular pendnat adds elegance and a graceful feminine touch to any look. You’ll love the reaction you get wearing this beautiful piece. This is truly the ‘must-have’ pendant...


    A 24K goldplated hammered edge frames this pretty teardrop pendant. You’ll make an impressive entrance wearing this beautiful statement piece. It’s a combination of pretty simulated opal at the center, surrounded by sparkling crystals, gold beads and a touch of pretty pearls. What a joyful, feminine pendant to add a chic touch to any outfit.

    $108.80 $136.00 -20%

    Add a pop of personality to any dress or sweater with this brilliant goldplated pendant. Boasting a trendy design, this pendant is pure perfection. A beautiful mix of blue and gold crystals and beads make this a stand-out piece of jewelry you’ll feel confident and feminine wearing. Although it is elegant enough to pair with a little black dress or evening...


    Get set to WOW everyone in the room wearing this brilliant 24K goldplated pendant in muted shades of rose and yellow. Pair this stunning creation with an elegant gown or your go-to little black dress and you’ll be the belle of the ball. The gorgeous combination of gold, rose and rose gold will stop admirers in their tracks. This sophisticated pendant...


    A beautiful must-have pendant to add to your collection, this gorgeous necklace showcases a subtle rose crystal flower at the center, surrounded by gold swirls. A dangling teardrop adds an elegant touch, while golden beads throughout the design add a twinkle of golden sophistication. This is the perfect necklace for moments when you want to shine.


    When you want a statement piece that captures attention with its beauty, this is the pendant that gives you that exquisite brilliance. So feminine and bold with a dazzling golden flower at the core, this divine necklace has amber, black and white Swarovski crystals that add even more sophistication. This stunning pendant takes elegance to a new level.


    Modern and feminine, this 24K goldplated square pendant houses a stunning blue simulated opal within its elegant frame design. Your wardrobe is a blank canvas and this masterpiece offers a look that’s picture perfect no matter where you go wearing it. Show the world your true colors with an eye-catching pendant that is sweet and soulful.


    This stunning open circle pendant is a gorgeous mix of blues that soothe and calm, creating a work of art that’s a joy to wear. Pearls and golden beads work their magic throughout the design. Brought to life in a bezel of elegant 24K goldplate, this piece has infinite allure. It will take you from the office, to brunch with ease.


    This one-of-a-kind pendant showcases the magnificent brilliance of amber and aqua crystals, mixed with various shades of stunning blue. Wear this breathtaking accessory with any outfit to make every day sparkle. From workday to weekend, this gorgeous 24K goldplated pendant is chic and stylish. It comes with a double diamond cut bead chain. 


    We love this pendant for its gorgeous silhouette. You’ll love it for the extraordinary combination of soft rose and shiny gold. At the center of this irresistible work of art, is a slim oval rose crystal accented by white pearl beading. This beautiful pendant captures the eye and will look stunning with any outfit.


    This pretty, handcrafted masterpiece is accented with gorgeous turquoise colored marquise shaped leaves. It makes a bold statement worn with a white blouse or can have a dramatic effect when worn with black. Tiny gold beads and clear Swarovski crystals work their way through this open circle pendant while a 24K goldplated bezel adds additional shine. What...


    The social event you’ve been looking forward to all year is just a few weeks away. Be prepared to shine wearing this unique red and gold pendant featuring stunning pink and red Swarovski crystals and an elegant stone drop that adds an additional element of beauty. Accentuated by strands of polished golden beads, this attention-getting pendant really...


    Get ready to turn heads with this pretty goldplated pendant that has elegant touches such as silver fleur de lis accents and white pearls. The highlight of this pendant is the stunning combination of red and pink Swarovski crystals—bold and beautiful gems that shine from inside and all around, a golden frame. 


    Iridescent flowers and Swarovski crystals sparkle and shimmer above and below an oval simulated blue opal at the heart of this gorgeous pendant. Decorated with strands of silver and gold beads, this stunning goldplated pendant adds the perfect amount of sparkle to your wardrobe and is versatile enough to wear with any color.


    All that glitters is gold and this stunning pendant embraces that statement with golden beads, a hammered 24K gold plated bezel and chain, and breathtaking gold details that pop against a black background. Everything about this pendant glitters with beauty and grace. This is a luxurious accessory to wear to special events, or to make a statement during...


    Inspired by the exquisite movement of a waterfall, this dazzling gold and pearl pendant adds new life to any outfit. Designed to radiate, this stunning accessory blooms with happiness and would brighten any outfit. Wear it to add more glamour to an already elegant party dress.  With beautiful streams of gold flowing among spectacular Swarovski crystals...


    Soft, subtle and sophisticated—those are the words to describe this magnificent gold pendant. Created with a smooth golden edge framing the most beautiful opalesque crystals and rose beads, this eye-catching pendant sparkles with gorgeous brilliance. You’ll look radiant every time you wear this stunning accessory. It’s lovely for work, play or a romantic...


    You’ll shine wearing this show-stopping gold pendant that gleams in any light. With a captivating Swarovski crystal flower in the center, this brilliant pendant will shine as much as you do. Every time you place this one-of-a-kind piece around your neck, friends will ask you where you got it. It’s unique in every way, right down to the pearl and crystal...


    Whether it’s the start of a New Year, new season or new chapter in your life, this stunning pendant tells the world you’re ready for anything!  A bouquet of delicate gold flowers blooms at the center of this masterpiece, with golden floral accents framing it, and lovely golden chains draped along the bottom. Every single crystal on this magnificent...

  • LARA

    Our chic black and gold pendant blooms with easygoing style. With marquise-cut black Swarovski crystals creating a breathtaking flower, this pendant will quickly become your favorite go-to accessory. Dazzling with delicate, clear crystal accents and gold, pearl and black beads, this is a statement pendant you'll want to flaunt at every opportunity.

  • KATE

    Give any outfit a lift wearing this beautiful gold and crystal pendant. This stunning pendant is perfect for the office and can also add the perfect amount of pizzazz to your look for an evening out with your sweetheart, or best friend. It’s so feminine and versatile that it will work beautifully with everything in your closet, elevating any look with...


    A chic and versatile pendant you can wear for all occasions, this spectacular gold medallion features detailed swirls and a center stone that has eye-catching beauty. With rose Swarovski crystals encircling a breathtaking pattern of gold and silver details, and a feminine gold flower at the center, this is the perfect accessory to bring every item in your...


    A statement pendant that can be worn to the office, a special dinner date or an evening at the theatre? Yes please! This versatile accessory adds a luxurious touch to any occasion (or any day of the week!) With rich brown and gold crystals shining from a lovely open ring pendant, this would make a gorgeous gift for someone special… YOU!  You deserve to...


    Imagine walking into that important meeting, company dinner or anniversary party with friends, wearing this sophisticated pendant. It’s simply exquisite, combining a brilliant gold “frame” with an elegant circle of pearl beading and a single gold “nugget” at the center. So soft and subtle, yet bold in its ability to turn heads and attract attention. This...

  • Queen Mary

    This elegant oval pendant has a calm yet alluring feel to it. The centerpiece is a glossy turquoise gemstone like the sparkling surface of the ocean, and it is surrounded by smaller turquoise, white and golden stones as well as sparkly diamonds which complement the center like sea-waves surrounding an island. This unique piece suits those with tranquil...

  • Lady of the East

    With its pink and brown color combination, this antique arc pendant has a strong down-to-earth and adventurous personality. The dominant sparkly transparent stone on the left really catches the light, and it will attract attention to the person who wears it. The smaller pink, white and golden pearls swirling around it give a cute and dainty feeling to it,...

  • Sterling Gold

    This oval pendant has a rich and luxurious feeling to it and would make the person who wears it look much more glamorous. At the center are dominant brilliant white gems, which look like a beautiful eye that is alluring everybody who catches its attention. Surrounding it are smaller shiny white and dark black stones, as well as pearly white and golden...

  • Royal Blue Circle

    This exquisite round pendant on a golden edge emits a calm yet luxurious feeling. The dark blue gemstone that acts as the centerpiece has soft facets that capture the light. The sapphire colored rocks that look like leaves capture more light and shine confidently. The melee gems around the centerpiece along with the sky blue pearls are set in motion like...

  • Golden Bouquet

    Complete your look with this classic looking round pendant. The five colored centerpiece pearls create a mystical look, and the silver seed beads swirling around them accentuate them even more with a magical feeling. The dark brown base is complemented with sparkly white as well as gorgeous dark stones. Add this graceful piece as a timeless treasure to...

  • The Golden Gate

    Spruce up your look with this luxurious round pendant. A round glossy pearl is set as the centerpiece, giving it a classic and rich feeling. Crystals in the shape of leaves are placed around it to give it elegant shine, while the smaller golden and pearly white seed beads swirl around to create an enticing pattern and elevate the overall magnetic look....

  • Tear Drop

    Add a touch of oceanic beauty to your look with this delightful teardrop shaped pendant. As the centerpiece there are three sparkling leaf shaped gems, the turquoise being the most eye-catching along with the gentle misty white and the mysteriously enticing dark blue. Sparkling with delight are the melee rocks that add brightness to the center. The aqua...

  • Tear Drop II

    Light up your look with this precious teardrop shaped pendant. A splendid turquoise gem in the shape of a similar teardrop acts as the centerpiece and also the center of its beauty. The white misty and azure gems in leaf shapes catch more light and complement the center even more. Its surroundings are intricately beaded with golden and sparkly melee...

  • Radiant Red

    Enhance your style with this tantalizing arc shaped pendant. The dominant white gems give out radiant light and the silver crooks complement the gems with bright colors. Around the center, an accent of violet gems in the shape of leaves highlight the center stones with darker shades. Pearly white and graceful purple seed beads adorn the surface to add...

  • Crystal Onyx

    Stand out with this precious moon-shaped pendant. Eye shaped crystals in a pinkish color become its center, which give out its primary spark, and the addition of onyx black and amber brown crystals accentuate it with darker tones. A cluster of melee white crystals on its side adds radiant beauty to this pendant, and it is further decorated with smaller...

  • Oriental Bold

    This oriental looking round pendant is sure to enhance your look. The centerpiece is a gem blended with copper as well as golden and silver colored rocks. The pendant is also adorned with enticing red and silver beads which complement the color of the centerpiece with elegance and luxurious brightness. The golden decoration gives a further oriental vibe...

  • Golden Rocks

    This darling piece of teardrop pendant is suited for those who wish to look elegant but not too attention grabbing. The center is dominated by melee white gems that give out a refined light, and it is adorned with lively yellow rocks complemented with grey and humble brown rocks that give a more classic and antique feeling. Pair this lustrous pendant with...

  • Sparkling Blue

    Light up your look with this compelling teardrop pendant. The leaf shaped aquamarine gemstones as the centerpieces emit radiant sparkles from your neck, and the golden edge complements the gems even more. It is ornamented with silver seed beads that shine brilliantly with lively light and smaller melancholy blue rocks and pearls. Adorn your dress with...

    $129.59 $161.99 -20%

    A unique gold plated sterling silver design with center, pearlescent accent.  The Disco charm has texture yet remains simple.  With a rectangular insert, set on its side, the piece complements the overall design.  Cross hatching on the charm adds an element of texture and detail.  The golden color will match any outfit and add a touch of class.


    The pendant is a classic design with gold plated sterling silver features, accents and a large tear-shaped face. The gold-plated setting features a raised bezel and colored background.  Grey and white stones are set within the oval to complement its motif and set off the center stone.  The pendant adds a touch of class to your jewelry collection and can...


    With a double chain and circular center pendant, the Autumn Reflection has a mirrored highlight with floral designs wrapping around the outside.  The silver colored highlights make the design flow around a central motif.  The colors are understated enough to match nearly any outfit or occasion. 


    The Blade pendant has a beaded centerpiece that draws you right into the heart of the pendant, with delicate silver detail around the center-piece and a single flower highlight.  The details truly make this piece and if that isn’t enough, there’s a gold colored scroll as an accent.  The pendant has a natural feel with the organic touch and with silver...


    The design features an understated, blue-green motif at its center surrounded by a square gold place setting.  With a thin, gold rope necklace, the pendant is proportioned well.  The center highlight adds a hint of color to the otherwise monotone set.  Perfect for any occasion.


    The pendant is a classic design with gold plated sterling silver features, accents and a large diamond-shaped face. The gold-plated setting features a raised bezel and colored background.  With white and blue stones set within the center to complement its motif and set off the overall design.  The pendant adds a touch of class to your jewelry collection...


    This unbelievably detailed necklace will weave a captivating spell over anyone who wears it!  An exquisite creation fit for a goddess, this golden bell-shaped masterpiece has gorgeous details and dangling pearl accents. Pair this beauty with a solid colored dress or blouse. Or highlight the purple and green Swarovski crystals by wearing it with clothes...


    With a gorgeous on-trend oversized petal design, this show stopping brown and gold floral pendant is also a sparkling pin! Simply remove the chain and this accessory is even more versatile! This is a piece that is sure to spark a style conversation. It can be worn as a pin on a dress, jacket or blouse during the day and then can transition to a necklace...