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Silver Bracelets & Cuffs

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  • Delilah Bracelet

    Various shades of green and blue, from lime and forest green to aqua and indigo, give this stunning bangle bracelet its unparalleled beauty.  This feminine piece is slender and gorgeous with a waved sterling silver bracelet and seven Swarovski crystal clusters that pop with color along the bangle. This is a magnificent bracelet to add instant glamour to...

  • Seaside Bracelet

    If you’ve been searching for that one perfect bangle that can take you from weekday to weekend with ease, here it is. Featuring gorgeous shades of amber and simulated blue opal, this stylish bracelet is bold and beautiful. It has a hammered sterling silver edge, lovely waved design and exquisite radiance that makes it ideal to add shimmer and...

    $245.60 $307.00 -20%
  • Summer Fields

    Like flowers blossoming across a summer field of pale green grass, this breathtaking sterling silver bangle bracelet is bold and elegant. It features all of the feminine details that Orit Schatzman is famous for in her exquisite designs—silver, gold and pearl-like beads, dazzling Swarovski crystals in magnificent colors, sophisticated swirls and hundreds...

  • Claire Chain Bracelet

    When your outfit is missing that finishing touch, reach for this gorgeous triple chain sterling silver bracelet. Handcrafted with a beautiful purple Swarovski crystal at the center, surrounded in pretty white, silver and golden beads, this elegant bracelet shines in glorious silver and features a magnificent triple strand chain bracelet with a heart charm...

  • Whirlpool

    A cuff bracelet this stunning is meant to be flaunted. With a sterling silver braided edge and magnificent simulated opal stones beautifully displayed among silver swirls and gold fleur de lys accents, this breathtaking bracelet is art for your wrist. Perfect for wearing day or night, this simulated opal bracelet blooms with magnificent style. 


    Get ready to make a statement wearing this breathtaking sterling silver bracelet with gorgeous deep amethyst colored Swarovski crystals. Every detail of this stunning piece has eye-catching elegance. What a spectacular bracelet to wear for a special occasion. Marquise cut crystals form a floral pattern reminiscent of a magnificent orchid. You’ll love this...


    Extra wide, extra sparkly and extraordinary—that’s how you’ll describe this one-of-a-kind sterling silver bangle with gorgeous bands of aqua and turquoise Swarovski crystals and grey pearl beads. Like a gorgeous reef in the Caribbean sea, this stunning bracelet is a work of art.  You’ll reach for it every time you have a special occasion or want to turn...


    Gorgeous Swarovski crystals in beautiful shades of pink, purple and grey dance among swirls of silver in this elegant bangle bracelet with a highly polished sterling silver edge. What a stunning bracelet to pair with a little black dress or your favorite sweater. Add grand style to any outfit wearing this lovely accessory. With pretty pearl beads, this...


    Brown and turquoise are a stunning color combination. This bold and beautiful sterling silver cuff bracelet is feminine and flirty. Twinkling with pale brown and champagne colored Swarovski crystals popping in contrast beside blue stones and gorgeous simulated opals, this bracelet is a stunning accessory. What a fresh design to wear for work or weekends....


    You should sparkle every day, and with this spectacular bracelet on your wrist, you will. Beautiful tones of peach and black grace this stunning sterling silver bracelet with lovely waves of white pearl ribbons and stunning multifaceted peach Swarovski crystals. Silver beads and elegant crystals sparkle throughout this design. Wear this gorgeous bracelet...

  • Oceanic Fireworks

    This piece is made up of thick sterling silver that holds within it an explosive display of oceanic fireworks. Its Swarovski crystals, in the colours of blue, green and gold create intricate formations of bursting light and sparkle, each originating from a bigger, brighter source. The wearer of this piece is bound to attract the attention of many the...

  • Blooming Beauty

    A unique piece made up of twists and tangles uniting to form sterling silver roses. These roses seem like they were planted using seeds of Swarovski crystal as the piece blooms in lustrous perfection. It’s the kind of stylish addition that encompasses both a dainty and modern feel, a perfect match for stand out outfits in need of dulled down sparkle. It’s...

  • Slender Paws

    This sterling silver piece has a wave-like shape, transporting its wearer to the African home of the swift footed Cheetah. With its beautiful black spots and slender physique, the Cheetah wears its fur like a canvas, with its eyes as clear as the piece’s natural coloured Swarovski sparkle. This is the kind of piece that will keep you up to speed and even...

  • Sea Garden

    A piece smooth and round with sterling silver dripping to its centre, framing clusters of Swarovski crystal within it with wave-like formations. This piece was dipped in the reefs of the deep, in the gardens of the sea, with the glow of the sun on the seabed captured in the opals coming together to form coral flowers. This piece ensures its wearer is as...

  • Joy bracelet

    The turquoise elements pop on this bracelet.  It is made in blue, gold and white colors. It can be worn on a daily basis or for a special occasion. It is a trendy bracelet that will capture the attention of anyone you are with. It can be given as a romantic gift that will be cherished for many years.  With this bracelet, you will be able to break the...

  • Rain Drops

    This is a sophisticated bracelet in black and white. It is made in many sizes and it has sleek details.  It is ideal when you want to add glamour to your look.  It is presented in a lovely box, and it will be cherished by any woman you decide to give it to.  It is made with high quality crystals and it has been designed beautifully. It is the right item...

  • My Woman bracelet

    This is a classic bracelet with gorgeous flowers and accents.  It is made in shimmering precious metals. Colored crystals shine in a white housing and they twinkle in the light. They convey the beauty of flowers in different colors, and this bracelet will always make you think about spring. If you decide to give this piece of jewelry as a gift, you will...

  • Love bracelet

    This is a colored bracelet with purple details in a silver frame.  The bracelet is made well, and you will get compliments whenever you wear it.  The bracelet has a matching necklace and earrings. It is made with the highest quality materials, and its small details make it sparkle when it is in the light.  Being a multicolor piece, it will go well with...

  • Friendship

    This is a bracelet that you can wear on special occasions like graduation, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, a birthday or wedding anniversary.  It can be given as a gift to your loved ones. The materials used do not cause allergic reactions, so you don’t have to worry if you have sensitive skin.  The bracelet is elegant and it can be used as a fashion...

  • Simple Woman

    This is a bracelet with the most superb workmanship, and it is made of high quality materials. It comes with a warranty as well. It is a simple bracelet that will be loved by most any woman. With this bracelet, you will be able to make the right first impression.  The details in the bracelet are stunning, and you will not get tired of putting it on.  This...

  • Statement bracelet

    This is a stunning wide bangle that combines beautiful crystals with purple accents. It has flowery embellishments as well. It is a piece that will help you to create a fashion statement.  It has clear crystals that radiate with their brilliance. It has been made with skillful craftsmanship.  It is made with high quality materials that will stand the test...

    $147.20 $184.00 -20%
  • Ocean Waves

    This is a bracelet that will become your best accessory.  You can buy it if you want to commemorate a memorable event or you can give it to a person you like just because. With its silver and black details, you can wear it with anything you want. It will turn into a personal or a sentimental item when given as a gift.  Whenever you buy this bracelet, you...

  • Forever Yours

    This is a bracelet that looks more like a traditional bracelet with its simple details. It is a popular bracelet because of its charm and how it can fit any situation.  The bracelet has a smooth look with a rope appearance. It is a solid bracelet that fits just about any woman perfectly. It is simple but at the same time elegant, and it can be worn by...

    $170.40 $213.00 -20%
  • Snow White Bracelet

    This is a bracelet that looks more like a solid bracelet than a crystal bracelet. It has small black and gold details in a white frame.  The versatility of this style and its colors make it easy for the wearer to show it off on many occasions.  You will never go wrong with this piece whether you are buying it for yourself, a loved one or a friend. The...

  • Blue and White bracelet

    This is a simple bracelet with blue and white pearls in a silver frame.   You can wear it on a special occasion or daily. The bracelet looks fancy without costing too much. The simple elements used on this bracelet make it look elegant.  Silver is now thought by many to be the new gold since it blends with most outfits.  The bracelet is likely to fit the...

  • Bella

    This bracelet features red and brown crystals in a silver housing. It is affordable and it appeals to any jewelry enthusiastic who wants to stick to a budget.  It is one of the latest innovations in jewelry and it provides aesthetic luxury.  It is easy to personalize this look.  The bracelet looks luxurious, and if you do not know what to give as a gift,...

  • Beach Sunrise

    This is a brown and white bracelet in a silver housing.  The bracelet is popular for women who want to make a statement.  Women who wear this bracelet feel special and confident because this is a unique piece of art.  The bracelet is fit to be given as a gift, and it is a perfect accessory for special occasions.  The bracelet does not have any age limit,...

    $192.00 $240.00 -20%
  • Black Beauty

    This is a black and white crystal bracelet.  It is a bracelet that can be worn on any occasion, and it will blend well with anything you put on. This is a piece of jewelry that will invoke memories, feelings and thoughts. Black and white is a universal color scheme, so if you are not sure of what to get, then you will never go wrong with this bracelet....

  • Be Your Own Woman

    This is a turquoise and green bracelet in a silver housing. It is statement jewelry, and with it you will be sure to stand out in any crowd. Any happy occasion will be made even happier when you complete it with this bracelet.  No woman is too old or too young for this kind of bracelet. It is the perfect addition to any jewelry enthusiast’s collection. 

  • Mother Pearl

    This is a bracelet with blue and green crystals in sterling silver.  This bracelet is fitting for any occasion, and it stands the test of time.  It will not break the bank, and you can give it as a gift to any special woman in your mind.  This is a unique bracelet that any woman will appreciate. It shows thoughtfulness and how much you care. This stunning...

  • Sparky

    This bracelet looks beautiful with its mystical look.  It features crystals of different colors within their settings. It is a great gift to give on holidays, graduations and birthdays. The bracelet is affordable, elegant and simple. The bracelet will fit comfortably. It is of a nice weight and it has a beautiful look. You will end up wishing to wear it...

  • Simply The Best

    This looks more like a bangle than a bracelet. It is small with small brown crystals. It is a popular choice of women of all ages. It will never lose its appeal, and it is a light piece of jewelry if you are wearing a dress or other accessories that you do not want to overpower. The bracelet is not that expensive while at the same time it will last for...


    This chic bracelet brightens your wardrobe with its pretty marquise cut petals and shiny sterling waved cuff. If there is one piece in your jewelry collection that you will find yourself reaching for time after time, this is it! This sterling silver beauty features Swarovski stones in various shades of blue and black. Wear this stunning bracelet to add...


    This luxurious bracelet adds the perfect touch of effortless elegance to work days and formal evenings. Feminine and glamorous, this pretty cuff is bright and beautiful with sparkling pink Swarovski crystals that form gorgeous flowers against a black background. One section of the bracelet has a smooth silver finish while the other has a hammered texture....


    Go for ultimate glamour and sparkle with this must-have sterling silver cuff bracelet. This gorgeous accessory is designed to sparkle, enhancing your look as you turn heads with your elegant, easy going style. A dark crystal background draws attention to the pretty blue opal stones forming a lovely vine pattern. Ribbons of dainty silver beads and aqua...


    This sterling silver cuff bracelet adds a feminine touch to weekend or office attire. At the heart of the bracelet is a spectacular blue, multifaceted Swarovski crystal that captures attention and adds brilliant color to the piece. To one side are pretty, marquise-cut stones in various shades of blue that bring additional beauty to the design. Elegant...


    Stand out from the crowd with this exquisite sterling bracelet. Handcrafted using stunning crystals in garden-inspired colors of amber, green and yellow, this bracelet combines bright splashes of aqua and pearl that add to its lavish design. Marquise-cut petals form flowers while gorgeous Swarovski crystals sparkle at every turn. A rope design is the...


    Get ready to turn heads wearing this chic bracelet.  It’s an essential style changer you’ll reach for again and again. The bold Swarovski crystals at the heart of this design reflect shades of purple, blue and red. It’s an ideal accessory to boost your confidence at your next presentation, or to turn heads on the dance floor when you’re out with friends.


    This breathtaking sterling silver cuff bracelet is filled with black and clear Swarovski crystals and a gorgeous silver textured floral vine that wraps itself across the entire design. Black and white is neutral and can be worn every day. You’ll reach for this bracelet when you want to add a touch of elegance to your work attire, and a crisp accent to...


    With a glistening hammered silver edge highlighting the gorgeous interior crystals, this lovely sterling silver cuff bracelet oozes sophistication and style. A beautiful combination of pearls, blue and turquoise crystals, and a round turquoise stone all add the perfect touches to this piece. An elegant gradation of color along both sides adds even more...


    Femininity and grace bring this gorgeous sterling silver bracelet to life. Pretty Swarovski crystals in brilliant shades dance along a narrow band of color like a vine growing in all directions. Silver and gold swirls pop among bright purple, green and gold stones, offering a stunning contrast against a smooth, polished finish on one side of the band, and...


    Take your style to the next level with this eye-catching bracelet. Soft shades of green, a wavy sterling edge and lovely swirl details turn a pretty design into a head-turning statement piece. At the center of this glorious accessory is a gorgeous green flower outlined in opals, crystals and silver fleur de lis accents. Versatile enough to wear every day,...


    What a gorgeous bracelet to pair with any outfit. The stunning colors of rich burgundy and vibrant purple are not the only eye-catching feature of this beautiful design. A wide band of Swarovski crystals and silver embellishments grace a triple strand sterling silver link chain with a heart charm dangling from the clasp. Ultra-feminine silver...


    Make a grand entrance wearing this beautiful sterling silver open circle bracelet with sparkling dark Swarovski crystals and pretty pearls. This lovely accessory is elegant and feminine with sterling silver links that join the individual circles together with sophisticated style. Ideal for work days or weekends, this is a chic bracelet that belongs in...

  • In Shape Bracelet

    Our contemporary sterling silver bracelet is geometric perfection! A celebration of shapes and textures, this lovely bangle has a unique curved square contour with two round clusters of crystals, beads and pearls in vibrant purples, silver and white. The one-of-a-kind design gives this piece creative flair and irresistible appeal. 

  • Earth Angel Bracelet

    Here’s a glorious bracelet that reflects rich earth tones of yellow, brown and amber. With beautiful strands of brown leather that are threaded around the edge of the perforated silver bangle, this exquisite piece has a delightful warmth about it. This bracelet features pretty crystals, silver swirls and rich brown stones framed in silver beading. Golden...

  • Rhapsody Bracelet

    If you love dramatic jewelry that is unique in color and design, this powerful fashion statement will speak volumes about your sense of style. The beautiful Rhapsody cuff bracelet becomes the focal point of any outfit. With a beautiful sterling cuff, slightly hammered to add texture, this bracelet features large peach crystals surrounded by waves of...

    $221.59 $276.99 -20%