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Gold Bracelets & Cuffs

There are 13 products.
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  • Golden Blue Bracelet

    Get ready to make an entrance with this eye-catching blue and gold hammered bangle bracelet. With a beautiful mix of clear and blue Swarovski crystals and stylish gold colored beads, this spectacular bracelet adds elegance and a bold feminine touch to any look. You’ll love the reaction you get wearing this beautiful piece. This is truly the ‘must-have’...

  • Autumn Shades

    A chunky gold-plated piece capturing the sweeping season of autumn with its Swarovski coloured crystals resembling leaves in the shades of orange, yellow, pink and red, ones that surpass the beauty of those evergreen. This piece’s form twists and turns like the wind that carries these multi-coloured treasures from branch to floor.  It’s the kind of piece...

  • Magic Carpet

    A thick, stylishly dented piece with a strip of noticeable shine circling its textured form. This strip a stream of dainty Swarovski crystals flowing around like the trace of sparkle left on the trail of a magic carpet ride. A carpet made up of labyrinth patterns and colours with gold threaded accents matching the gold plating of the piece. A piece...

  • Bejewelled

    A thicker piece with a rough gold-plated texture, birthed in the brightly coloured land of India with its aromatic flair, dome-shaped buildings, colourful dances and patterned designs. This piece holds within it unique paths of Swarovski sparkle resembling traditional sarees that drape the entire female form with shine and shimmer. Upon being worn, this...

  • Golden Heart

    This is a yellow gold bracelet made in a modern design. The gold and other small details ensure that the bracelet looks contemporary. It is the perfect choice to be worn on an everyday basis. It is made with an assortment of delicate crystals with trendy styles and bold statement pieces that easily transition from a day look to night. You can also find...

  • Golden Girl

    This is a gold bracelet that is made with the finest workmanship and the best materials.  It looks simple, but it will make a statement whenever you put it on.  It is a quality piece that will complete any personal style. Whenever you give a handshake, it will speak volumes. There is no need to settle for anything else since this bracelet will give the...


    Transform your look from daytime elegant to night time sophisticated with this brilliant bangle bracelet in rich, earthy shades of gold, brown and amber. Stylish and wonderfully chic, this exquisite bracelet features a wavy edge with unique golden swirls, gorgeous white pearl beads, textured stones and hundreds of crystals and beads that draw the eye...


    This feminine bracelet is classic enough to wear every day to brighten up any outfit. Nestled among tiny bronzed beads and sparkling aqua crystals, marquise-cut turquoise petals bloom. A lovely white simulated pearl adorns each floral design while swirls of simulated pearls and golden bronze beads wrap themselves around the entire golden waved bangle....


    Nothing looks as lovely adorning your wrist as the warmth of gold vermail against the glitter of genuine Swarovski crystals and brilliant white mother of pearl stones. You can be sure that this modern cuff bracelet will be treasured forever. Wear this lovely piece to the office, or to add elegance to a special evening. It’s a unique accessory that’s...