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  • One Soul

    Stylish for the office, dressy for a special evening out—this magnificent pendant has it all! Lovely rose gold flowers, leaves, swirls and fleur de lis accents give this stunning oval pendant its brilliance. With a rosey red toned crystal at the center, this is a head-turning piece that everyone will talk about. Set in a sterling silver bezel, make this...

    $78.50 $156.99 -50%
  • Soul Searching

    Break open the champagne and add instant glamour to any look with this stunning sterling silver pendant. At the heart is a large champagne colored Swarovski crystal. What a gorgeous pendant for the office or to brighten up a little black dress, Feminine, fresh and contemporary, this divine pendant features clear, black and opalesque Swarovski crystals...

    $71.00 $141.99 -50%
  • Fate

    On your mark. Get set. Dazzle them with this fabulous 24K gold plated teardrop pendant.  Have you got some fancy soiree to attend tonight? Double check your calendar. If you don’t have a social event coming up, plan one! You’ll want to wear this pendant to the office party, brunch with the girls or for date night where it’s just the two of you. This...

    $78.50 $156.99 -50%
  • Moonlit Magic

    Close your eyes and picture the subtle remnants of light at sunset against a darkening sky. Like the golden pink tones of the sun fading on the horizon, this pendant reflects dark and light, mystery and romance. With a jet black crystal on top and a peachy rose Swarovski crystal beneath it, you’ll fall in love with this gorgeous piece and won’t want to...

    $83.50 $166.99 -50%
  • Faye

    You’ll be pretty in pink wearing our gorgeous Faye Pendant. Whether you pop this beauty around your neck for a very special occasion or decide to dress up your work wardrobe with a touch of glam, this pendant will make you look and feel radiant. You’ll never feel like an outfit is missing something when you add this necklace to the mix!  It will bring any...

    $96.00 $191.99 -50%
  • Charlotte

    This attention-getting square pendant is packed with colorful details. Handcrafted with blue, pink and gold Swarovski crystals, this pretty pendant bursts with beauty. Celebrate any occasion in true style. The shimmering sterling silver bezel is a glorious frame for the sparkling crystals within. This is a gorgeous look you’ll turn to often—and with good...

    $83.50 $166.99 -50%
  • Sonnet

    Get ready to dazzle with this simulated opal pendant with a vibrant mix of colors and texture.  If you’re ready to make a statement, this is the pendant that will do it. An oblong, open oval bezel has lovely blue simulated opals, gold and white beading and crystal-encrusted accents that will add colorful style to your look. What a great statement piece to...

    $71.00 $141.99 -50%
  • Golden Petals

    Add pizzazz to any outfit quickly and easily. The bale and top portion of this pretty pendant is reminiscent of a pineapple with golden layers that highlight a spectacular Swarovski crystal flower blooming from the center. A feathered-like background gives this beautiful piece additional glamour. What a great choice for weekdays, weekends or weddings!...

    $86.00 $171.99 -50%
  • Dahlia

    You’ll turn heads wearing this feminine turquoise and gold pendant.  With a  smooth bezel and elegant tri-petal flower blooming within, this gorgeous piece adds a subtle touch to every outfit, showcasing your sophisticated side. Simple yet stunning, wear this beautiful pendant to the office, to dress up a casual sweater when you’re running errands, or to...

    $76.00 $151.99 -50%

    Blue Druzy stone adorn this stylish silver cross. With unique twists of stunning sterling, this cross has a “wrapped” design that gives it that little something extra. What a gorgeous jewelry piece to glam up weekend wear or to add elegance to a favorite dress or blouse. All eyes will be on you when you enter the next meeting or event wearing this...


    Dazzle your co-workers or friends with this soft and subtle pendant. Designed to add a touch of elegance to any outfit, this feminine piece lends serene beauty to your look. The shiny sterling silver bezel is enhanced by three marquise-cut pale blue stones that form delicate petals on a background of sparkling blue and green crystals. Each petal is framed...

    $51.00 $101.99 -50%

    A glamorous mix of marquise-cut stones and vibrant pearl accents, this pendant will announce to the world that you’re all heart. It combines soft peach and champagne colored Swarovski crystals with a spray of pearl beads that add fresh color and simple, easygoing style to the design. For added femininity, this beautifully polished sterling silver...

    $91.00 $181.99 -50%

    Stay one step ahead of the fashion pack with this open circle floral pendant in soft blue and brilliant green. Designed to add stylish sophistication and charm to any look, this beautiful pendant will take you from the office to a dinner date with ease. Each marquise-cut turquoise stone forms a petal within the many flowers that grace this lovely piece....

    $83.50 $166.99 -50%

    This pretty golden pendant is a must-have for your jewelry box.  A beautiful blend of gold and silver, green and brown, this special pendant features a golden trail that weaves a pattern around three floral accents in sparkling Swarovski crystals. With a mix of gold and silver beaded chains, this is a pendant that friends will comment on no matter where...

    $63.50 $126.99 -50%

    Handcrafted with a stunning marquise cut pale green stone at the heart, this pendant radiates beauty.  Set in a sterling silver hammered round bezel, you’ll want to wear this stunner for that special dinner or weekend getaway. It will make you look and feel special every time you wear it. Gorgeous silver and gold accents, coupled with breathtaking blue...

    $98.50 $196.99 -50%

    Prepare to be dazzled by this simple, elegant pendant. The radiant, one-of-a-kind design showcases the magnificent brilliance of a single multi-faceted clear crystal in a loose teardrop shape. Wrapped in peach crystals, pearls and a chain accent, this is a stunning pendant that can be worn with any outfit to make every day (or evening) sparkle. 

    $71.00 $141.99 -50%

    We love this round pendant for its gorgeous simulated opals that create a stunning contrast against the pearl accents and gold bezel. You’ll love it for the extraordinary style possibilities that it offers. It would look beautiful with business attire and is perfect to add a pop of brilliance to casual weekend looks. No matter where your day may take you,...

    $71.00 $141.99 -50%

    An elegant golden cross design reflects beautiful colors from the many facets of the purple and green Swarovski crystals within this stunning piece. Enhanced by a spectacular oval purple crystal at the center, this stylish pendant is the perfect accessory to wear to the office or for evenings out with friends and family. Sparkling crystals, fleur de lis...

    $82.00 $164.00 -50%

    This lovely oval, openwork pendant is guaranteed to always be a style staple. Add subtle glamour to your day wear, or bold sophistication to evening attire. The colors of this pendant are soft and lovely with beautiful iridescent crystals that have an opalesque effect, reflecting several soft tones when the light hits them. This could be one of the most...

    $80.50 $161.00 -50%

    A pendant that’s as unique as you are. This elegant drop necklace in beautiful rose gold vermail features over one hundred glistening pearl beads, genuine Swarovski crystals and silver and gold embellishments. An oval simulated turquoise mother of pearl is at the center. This is the go-to accessory that lends an extra special touch to any outfit. Let your...

    $76.00 $151.99 -50%

    Sure to be the envy of your friends, this unique open circle pendant features pretty pastel stones that add feminine joy to any outfit. Guaranteed to become your new favorite accessory, this pendant features mint and blue marquise-cut Swarovski crystals that form loose flowers and petals, winding their way around the entire design. With dainty beads and...

    $76.00 $151.99 -50%

    This pretty, round pendant adds a feminine touch to weekend or office attire. At the heart of the round sterling silver bezel is a spectacular blue, multifaceted Swarovski crystal that captures attention and adds brilliant color to the piece. To one side are pretty, marquise-cut stones in various shades of blue that bring additional beauty to the design.

    $66.00 $131.99 -50%

    Pink always adds a feminine touch to any ensemble. This soft and subtle pendant features a spectacular pink Swarovski stone at the center of a sterling silver teardrop bezel. Surrounding the stone with radiant sparkle are various crystals in shades of pink, rose gold and ivory. In true Orit Schatzman style, random black crystals have been added to up the...

    $63.50 $126.99 -50%

    When you’re not sure which look you want to go for, why not mix it up and enjoy the best of everything in one brilliant sterling silver necklace! This trendy necklace features a mix of links with various textures and finishes and a crystal bauble charm. It has a whimsical heart filled with blue and white Swarovski crystals and gorgeous blue simulated...

    $211.00 $421.99 -50%

    When you’re not sure which look you want to go for, why not mix it up and enjoy the best of everything in one brilliant sterling silver necklace! This artistic collar features a mix of links, beads and baubles on a trendy necklace. The whimsical heart is filled with black and clear Swarovski crystals and a gorgeous black onyx stone. What a fun piece of...

    $158.50 $316.99 -50%
  • Faithful Reflection

    This captivating cross design will get admiring glances as brilliant colors reflect from the facets of every Swarovski crystal. Enhanced by a magnificent baby blue crystal at the center, this stylish pendant is a "must have" piece. Sparkling reflective blue crystals create the perfect backdrop for the magnificent halo of clear and silver beads that give...

    $76.00 $151.99 -50%
  • Everafter

    Exude feminine sophistication with this classic black and rose Swarovski crystal pendant that complements any outfit. With an elegant quartet of black crystal at the center, this simple round pendant exudes femininity with silver beading and dainty pearls. Pale rose crystals glitter on the outer edge. Wear this necklace to the office, for a weekend...

    $61.00 $121.99 -50%

    Beauty blooms in this gorgeous pendant. Pale turquoise marquise petals with golden centers and sparkling beads blossom throughout this design. The sterling silver bezel is soft and feminine too with a wavy edge that catches attention. This is a beautiful pendant that you’ll want to show off at any opportunity. It would be lovely with a white blouse and...

    $91.00 $181.99 -50%

    Let this magnificent pendant reflect your sparkling personality. At the center is a multifaceted crystal that picks up the pink and black stones around it. Inside the hammered sterling silver oval bezel, you’ll find a brilliant combination of crystals that are soft and neutral enough to match everything you own. A fabulous piece for the office, dinner...

    $71.00 $141.99 -50%
  • White Shell

    There’s something very vintage and special about this stunning 24K gold plated sterling silver pendant. Light as a cloud, an elegant mother of pearl oval stone brightens the center of the pendant with rows of golden beads and strings of tiny pearl accents framing it. For additional allure, sparkling clear crystals have been set among the outer pearl...

    $75.00 $150.00 -50%
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    Silver Flower

    This is the pendant for you if you like roses and solid colors. It is adorable and its rose design is classic. The pendant is nice and it is not too small or too big for anyone who wants to wear it. Since it is in a natural color, it can be worn with any outfit. You can give it as a present to someone, and she will cherish it forever, or you can also wear...

    $47.10 $157.00 -70%
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    Rose Quartz Leaf

    This is a sophisticated and genuine pendant that is made with crystals. It is made in a leaf design, and it is a rose over silver. It has a twisted chain that is made with the highest quality materials.  This is fully adorned with rose quartz stone at the center, and it is a classic design which adds vibrant color to any outfit.

    $50.10 $167.00 -70%
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    Turquoise Hammsa

    This is a special shaped pendant with a deep texture that exudes mysterious charm.  It is made in two colors with the highest quality materials around and the highest craftsmanship.  The necklace is eye catching and it can be given to a wife, fiancée, mother or lover on a special day.  It can be worn to a picnic, date, weekend party, or prom. Wherever you...

    $53.10 $176.99 -70%
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    Carnelian Hammsa

    This is a high quality pendant with exquisite workmanship.  It is ideal for someone who likes the color red, and it is an elegant piece of jewelry to add to a collection.  The designer is committed to offering the best designs to women who want to look exquisite.  The pendant is sparkly and it is not made with cheap materials. It has a shine that...

    $53.10 $176.99 -70%