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  • Whirlpool

    A cuff bracelet this stunning is meant to be flaunted. With a sterling silver braided edge and magnificent simulated opal stones beautifully displayed among silver swirls and gold fleur de lys accents, this breathtaking bracelet is art for your wrist. Perfect for wearing day or night, this simulated opal bracelet blooms with magnificent style. 

    $200.80 $251.00 -20%
  • Dreamy Earrings

    These captivating earrings are a wardrobe staple. They feature ultra-bold blue and white stones in a knotted sterling silver design. Pair these gorgeous earrings with the Dreamy pendant for a look that’s both chic and edgy.  Wear them to work, for a special occasion, date night with your sweetie or for the social event of the year. No matter where you...

    $80.00 $100.00 -20%
  • Dreamy

    This captivating pendant is a wardrobe staple. It features ultra-bold blue and white stones in an abstract sterling silver design. Pair this gorgeous pendant with sterling earrings for a look that’s both chic and edgy.  Wear this beautiful piece to work, for a special occasion, date night with your sweetie or for the social event of the year. No matter...

    $116.00 $145.00 -20%
  • Golden Blue

    Get ready to make an entrance with this eye-catching blue and gold teardrop pendant. With a beautiful mix of clear and blue Swarovski crystals and stylish gold colored beads, this spectacular pendnat adds elegance and a graceful feminine touch to any look. You’ll love the reaction you get wearing this beautiful piece. This is truly the ‘must-have’ pendant...

    $114.40 $143.00 -20%

    These lovely crystal earrings have a little edge and a lot of bling. They will match any outfit perfectly with their neutral tones of black, white and silver. Dark and mysterious, sparkling and magical, these earrings will take you from day to night beautifully. Crafted in sterling silver, these earrings are ideal for the office and look fabulous with a...

    $109.60 $137.00 -20%

    Row upon row of elegant silver beading highlighting a gorgeous clear Swarovski center give this stunning pendant a filigree look and vintage appeal. Cool clear crystals and dainty simulated pearls add to the beauty of this unique creation. Wear this glorious round pendant to dress up any look. It’s versatile and neutral to pair with any colors and...

    $110.40 $138.00 -20%

    Good things come in all shapes and sizes. This stunning pendant is proof of that with gorgeous Swarovski crystals shimmering in all shapes and colors. The diamond shaped sterling silver bezel showcases marquise cut mint accent stones surrounding a breathtaking grey crystal, accented by gold beads and aqua crystals. Everything about this pendant is unique....

    $127.20 $159.00 -20%

    Some colors just work beautifully together. This lovely rose gold pendant features a swirl of marquise-cut crystals with a colorful palette of turquoise, orange, brown and rose.  What a stunning union of elegance and grace. Beautifully crafted, as all Orit Schatzman designs are, this pendant perfectly transitions from a day at the office to an evening at...

    $133.60 $167.00 -20%
  • Multicolored Teardrop

    This is a genuine product with pure Swarovski crystals. You can find it in the authorized shops around you.  No other brand will be able to match the brilliance of this pendant in its gorgeous colors.  When you close your eyes, you will still be able to sense the genuine quality of this item.  This is a unique item in design and style.  The pendant has...

    $129.59 $161.99 -20%
  • Radiant Red

    Enhance your style with this tantalizing arc shaped pendant. The dominant white gems give out radiant light and the silver crooks complement the gems with bright colors. Around the center, an accent of violet gems in the shape of leaves highlight the center stones with darker shades. Pearly white and graceful purple seed beads adorn the surface to add...

    $129.59 $161.99 -20%
  • Crystal Onyx

    Stand out with this precious moon-shaped pendant. Eye shaped crystals in a pinkish color become its center, which give out its primary spark, and the addition of onyx black and amber brown crystals accentuate it with darker tones. A cluster of melee white crystals on its side adds radiant beauty to this pendant, and it is further decorated with smaller...

    $141.59 $176.99 -20%

    The design features an understated, blue-green motif at its center surrounded by a square gold place setting.  With a thin, gold rope necklace, the pendant is proportioned well.  The center highlight adds a hint of color to the otherwise monotone set.  Perfect for any occasion.

    $97.59 $121.99 -20%
  • Princess bracelet

    This is a silver line bracelet made through an electroforming process. Each piece is carefully and individually examined and handcrafted throughout its production.  The bracelet is made with a unique stone setting, and it is special with rare and semi-precious stones along with Swarovski crystals.  The bracelet is of high quality while at the same time it...

    $201.60 $252.00 -20%
  • Rain Drops

    This is a sophisticated bracelet in black and white. It is made in many sizes and it has sleek details.  It is ideal when you want to add glamour to your look.  It is presented in a lovely box, and it will be cherished by any woman you decide to give it to.  It is made with high quality crystals and it has been designed beautifully. It is the right item...

    $167.20 $209.00 -20%
  • Golden Leaves

    These are beautiful looking earrings that would be perfect for a wedding day or any special occasion. The details in the design look lovely. They look expensive, but they are affordable. They can complement any dress you wear any time of the day. The earrings are nice and pretty, and they have colored details in a golden housing. The earrings look unusual...

    $142.40 $178.00 -20%
  • Ocean Waves

    This is a bracelet that will become your best accessory.  You can buy it if you want to commemorate a memorable event or you can give it to a person you like just because. With its silver and black details, you can wear it with anything you want. It will turn into a personal or a sentimental item when given as a gift.  Whenever you buy this bracelet, you...

    $193.60 $242.00 -20%
  • Jingle Bells

    This bracelet is made with the sterling silver and white crystals.  This piece looks simple, which makes it convenient to wear anytime you want to.  The bracelet is stylish while at the same time it is affordable.  When you buy this bracelet, you will be a happy buyer since it was developed by exceptional artists. You can buy this bracelet as a fashion...

    $76.80 $96.00 -20%
  • Simply The Best

    This looks more like a bangle than a bracelet. It is small with small brown crystals. It is a popular choice of women of all ages. It will never lose its appeal, and it is a light piece of jewelry if you are wearing a dress or other accessories that you do not want to overpower. The bracelet is not that expensive while at the same time it will last for...

    $84.80 $106.00 -20%

    This brilliant bracelet combines the elegance of rose gold with the stunning sparkle of Swarovski crystals and beautiful stone embellishments. Wear it for daytime or to add dazzle to evening attire. With a waved edge and a polished rose gold finish, this pretty cuff adds instant glam to any look.

    $270.40 $338.00 -20%

    Beautiful tones of medium and deep blue Swarovski crystals grace these pretty rose gold earrings with their dainty round bezels. The breathtaking midnight blue marquise-cut crystals accented with white pearls will turn heads and have everyone admiring your glamorous style. These are beautifully versatile earrings for work days and would also add a...

    $77.59 $96.99 -20%