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    Like a shimmering pool of water reflecting multiple shades of blue, these breathtaking hammered gold earrings boast a brilliant mix of Swarovski crystals in pretty colors. From dazzling aqua crystal accents, to the marquise cut indigo blue center, these modern earrings also have a vintage vibe. Prepare for the compliments when you wear these gorgeous...

    $72.00 $90.00 -20%

    This outfit-elevating pendant is bursting with rich royal blue tones. Marquise cut Swarovski crystals will turn heads, while dainty, feminine pearl beading will have everyone admiring your neckline. All eyes will be on you wearing this exquisite pendant. Whether it becomes an everyday essential to wear to the office, or you save it for extra special...

    $120.00 $150.00 -20%
  • Seaside Bracelet

    If you’ve been searching for that one perfect bangle that can take you from weekday to weekend with ease, here it is. Featuring gorgeous shades of amber and simulated blue opal, this stylish bracelet is bold and beautiful. It has a hammered sterling silver edge, lovely waved design and exquisite radiance that makes it ideal to add shimmer and...

    $245.60 $307.00 -20%
  • Sienna

    Crafted from sterling silver, our amber and brown crystal heart earrings are sure to make an impression and find their way into your favorite everyday accessories.  Elegant and classic, these beautiful gems sparkle with extraordinary style. Pair them with a brown suit or sweater for work or with denim and a tee for weekends and give casual Fridays a brand...

    $54.60 $68.25 -20%
  • Dreamy Earrings

    These captivating earrings are a wardrobe staple. They feature ultra-bold blue and white stones in a knotted sterling silver design. Pair these gorgeous earrings with the Dreamy pendant for a look that’s both chic and edgy.  Wear them to work, for a special occasion, date night with your sweetie or for the social event of the year. No matter where you...

    $60.00 $75.00 -20%

    These pretty, square earrings with a hammered sterling silver frame would make a lovely addition to your jewelry collection. They feature marquise cut stunning blue crystals as their focal point with dazzling, clear crystals that are polished to offer extra shimmer. Ideal to give as a gift, their color makes them the perfect accessory to pair with every...

    $73.19 $91.49 -20%

    With a pebble effect around the edges, swirls of glorious gold and silver and a bold white and gold flower blossoming from the top, these stunning earrings have a luxurious look and feel. Lots of texture and rich shades give these glamorous earrings modern style. So beautifully feminine, you’ll reach for these golden gems every time you have a special...

    $100.80 $126.00 -20%

    Escape to a tropical paradise where the breathtaking color of the sea is captured in a single turquoise simulated opal at the center of this exquisite pendant. A polished sterling silver vine wraps itself elegantly around this stunning statement necklace. This one of a kind pendant is absolutely gorgeous—a work of art that evokes a feeling of happiness...

    $101.59 $126.99 -20%

    A 24K goldplated hammered edge frames this pretty teardrop pendant. You’ll make an impressive entrance wearing this beautiful statement piece. It’s a combination of pretty simulated opal at the center, surrounded by sparkling crystals, gold beads and a touch of pretty pearls. What a joyful, feminine pendant to add a chic touch to any outfit.

    $108.80 $136.00 -20%

    Some colors just work beautifully together. These lovely, elongated rose gold earrings feature a swirl of marquise-cut crystals with a colorful palette of turquoise, orange, brown and rose at the center.  A stunning union of elegance and grace, these earrings perfectly transition from a day at the office to an evening at the theatre. They’re fun,...

    $94.80 $118.50 -20%
  • Magic Carpet

    A thick, stylishly dented piece with a strip of noticeable shine circling its textured form. This strip a stream of dainty Swarovski crystals flowing around like the trace of sparkle left on the trail of a magic carpet ride. A carpet made up of labyrinth patterns and colours with gold threaded accents matching the gold plating of the piece. A piece...

    $183.20 $229.00 -20%
  • Sparkling Blue

    Light up your look with this compelling teardrop pendant. The leaf shaped aquamarine gemstones as the centerpieces emit radiant sparkles from your neck, and the golden edge complements the gems even more. It is ornamented with silver seed beads that shine brilliantly with lively light and smaller melancholy blue rocks and pearls. Adorn your dress with...

    $129.59 $161.99 -20%
  • Statement bracelet

    This is a stunning wide bangle that combines beautiful crystals with purple accents. It has flowery embellishments as well. It is a piece that will help you to create a fashion statement.  It has clear crystals that radiate with their brilliance. It has been made with skillful craftsmanship.  It is made with high quality materials that will stand the test...

    $147.20 $184.00 -20%
  • Forever Yours

    This is a bracelet that looks more like a traditional bracelet with its simple details. It is a popular bracelet because of its charm and how it can fit any situation.  The bracelet has a smooth look with a rope appearance. It is a solid bracelet that fits just about any woman perfectly. It is simple but at the same time elegant, and it can be worn by...

    $170.40 $213.00 -20%
  • Jingle Bells

    This bracelet is made with the sterling silver and white crystals.  This piece looks simple, which makes it convenient to wear anytime you want to.  The bracelet is stylish while at the same time it is affordable.  When you buy this bracelet, you will be a happy buyer since it was developed by exceptional artists. You can buy this bracelet as a fashion...

    $76.80 $96.00 -20%
  • Beach Sunrise

    This is a brown and white bracelet in a silver housing.  The bracelet is popular for women who want to make a statement.  Women who wear this bracelet feel special and confident because this is a unique piece of art.  The bracelet is fit to be given as a gift, and it is a perfect accessory for special occasions.  The bracelet does not have any age limit,...

    $192.00 $240.00 -20%

    This feminine bracelet is classic enough to wear every day to brighten up any outfit. Nestled among tiny bronzed beads and sparkling aqua crystals, marquise-cut turquoise petals bloom. A lovely white simulated pearl adorns each floral design while swirls of simulated pearls and golden bronze beads wrap themselves around the entire golden waved bangle....

    $190.40 $238.00 -20%

    These lovely round earrings are the ultimate show stopper. Beautiful deep blue and pale green marquise-cut Swarovski crystals surrounded by rows of glittering crystals and silver accents. These are extraordinary accessories that will add a dramatic touch to the simplest of outfits. You’ll love all the style possibilities these gorgeous earrings provide.

    $73.19 $91.49 -20%

    Nothing looks as lovely adorning your wrist as the warmth of gold vermail against the glitter of genuine Swarovski crystals and brilliant white mother of pearl stones. You can be sure that this modern cuff bracelet will be treasured forever. Wear this lovely piece to the office, or to add elegance to a special evening. It’s a unique accessory that’s...

    $292.80 $366.00 -20%
  • Rhapsody Bracelet

    If you love dramatic jewelry that is unique in color and design, this powerful fashion statement will speak volumes about your sense of style. The beautiful Rhapsody cuff bracelet becomes the focal point of any outfit. With a beautiful sterling cuff, slightly hammered to add texture, this bracelet features large peach crystals surrounded by waves of...

    $221.59 $276.99 -20%