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  • Rooted

    A square-shaped piece with a Swarovski crystal its main attraction and beads dangling below to add some movement to its sparkle. A piece birthed in the warm and sandy earth, along with the roots of grand trees that draw people in to hug them, trees that mimic the strength of the piece’s sterling silver. It’s the kind of piece that will fit in with any...

  • Extreme Existence

    A square-shaped piece that dangles with Swarovski, a piece carved out of archaic mountain ranges, ones that have existed over the ages. From crevices where sprouts of plant life grows to cracks from which waterfalls bubble, it’s a place that feels every earthly force in its extremity, being blanketed in winter snow, spring flowers, summer sun and autumn...

  • Fire Spark

    One small in size and humble in design, with its red Swarovski crystals telling tales of sparks that fly free from their fiery home, lighting up the sky that surrounds them despite being small, breaking the darkness of the night with their shine. The kind of piece that will go perfectly with an outfit in need of a pop of red and one that will perfectly...

  • The Looking Glass

    A forward-facing hoop-shaped piece with a square of embellishment attached. A piece made out of textured sterling silver with the accompaniment of large and small Swarovski crystals to add some sparkle. This piece resembles a storybook looking glass, one which the adventurous walk through and get transported to a world of upside down shenanigans and...

  • Navy Seas

    These sterling silver earrings feature an oval shaped setting, which holds a navy blue colored stone and a beautiful curved shape at the bottom. They have a small pearly white rounded stone in the bottom layer of the earring which adds beauty to them. These are earrings that are reminiscent of the turbulent seas in the World and offer a look which will...

  • Genie

    These are sterling silver earrings with a totally unique structure. The earrings have circular eye-like emerald green colored stones set in the top layer with a solid sterling silver border. Below this layer lie three uneven streams of silver which add to the drop of the earrings. These earrings have a flecked type of green; which adds additional beauty...

  • Electrified

    Electrified are sterling silver earrings which are in the shape of water droplets. The earrings have blue colored circular stones set in the lower centre. These stones are surrounded by a circle of solid silver, lined with black; which showcases the stones within. The blue stones of the earrings have electric-current-like dark blue streaks flowing through...

  • Rippling Cloud

    These are sterling silver earrings which have an oval shape to them. The main setting of these has a milky white colored oval stone in the centre. Around this stone there are many layers of sterling silver ripples, with black detailing which allows the silver to really shine through. These earrings will go well with all types of dresses, professional wear...

  • Blood Drops

    These are long sterling silver earrings with a fascinating structure. The lower parts of the earrings have a blood red colored circular stone. This stone hangs in the bottom of a design that is wondrous; four long zigzagged sterling silver streaks come down to a circle and grasp the stone tightly. The detail within these earrings is totally mesmerizing....

  • Blue eyes

    These are sterling silver earrings which are completely circular. The earrings are smaller in size than most, which allow attention to be drawn to the central stone within. This stone is a circular navy stone, held firmly in the middle of the silver. It almost looks pushed into molten silver and left to set, it is most unique in style. These earrings will...

  • Dewdrop

    Delicate sterling silver earrings with a deep blue stone highlight, the Dewdrop design is a classic look featuring silver settings and hooks.  The earrings are subtle but have a refined look that works well with formal wear.  You can even go casual and wear these daily.  With a braided silver drop that connects to the accent stone, the colors complement...

  • Ocean Treasure

    These earrings have a simple sterling silver design with complementing stones set above each other.  The milky white and deep blue stones have a circular shape with a white stone set to the top.  The blue stone at the bottom anchors the entire design.  Simple silver borders and bezels round out the motif for a perfect earring that offers style and class...

  • Full Circle

    The green stones in the Full Circle design have accents and angles that catch the light, no matter where you are.  With a sterling silver backing and border, the metal highlights the features of the stone, bringing out its true, deep color.  This set of earrings is understated but still looks great.  It has a classic look that you’ll be sure to love. 

  • Jaded

    With circular settings, the Jaded design has a deep green stone feature hanging beneath a smaller, mother of pearl piece.  Set in sterling silver, the design features an irregular border for just a whimsical touch.  The deep green colored stone is complemented by the shiny silver border and with a look that says hand-crafted.  If you like unique pieces,...

  • Native Tear

    With a tear-drop shaped, turquoise highlight, the Native Tear is a beautiful design complemented by striking sterling silver settings.  The silver work around the stone has a detail at the top with smoothed silver at the bottom.  The textures draw the eye to the dainty turquoise stone at the center.  If you like an organic feel to your accessories, the...

  • Gumdrop

    With circular settings, the Gum Drop design has a deep indigo stone feature hanging beneath a smaller, mother of pearl piece.  Set in sterling silver, the design features an irregular hexagonal border.  The deep purple colored stone is complemented by the silver border and with a look that says hand-crafted, something made by a real artist.  If you want a...

  • Horizon

    With a deep blue center piece in the shape of a tear, the Horizon is a beautiful set of sterling silver earrings that complements any outfit.  You can wear them daily, keep it casual or use them for a formal night out.  The braided silver border at the top adds just enough texture to the overall design, flowing effortlessly to the smooth curve at the...

  • Snowdrop

    This set of sterling silver earrings has a snowy white circular stone set into the front structure. This stone is surrounded by a thick layer of sterling silver. The bottom position of the earring has three ruffled sterling silver structures which highlights the beauty of the earring. This set will go along with all outfits and suited for all occasions.

  • Ruffled Pearl

    These are a pair of sterling silver earring which got its name from the ruffled front structure. This pair of earrings has a finer structure, which makes it look unique and outstanding. The front structure of the pair has a white pearl colored circular shaped center stone in the middle. This is surrounded by layers of ruffled sterling silver. This pair of...


    The Denizen design earrings are sterling silver with a turquoise highlight stone that blends into silver scrollwork.  The details blend at the bottom of the piece, with a small highlight stone at the bottom.  The result is the perfect motif that draws your eye from top to bottom.  The earrings are sure to draw attention and compliments from everyone you...