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Gold Earrings

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Earring Hook / Clips / Post

    Get set to WOW everyone in the room wearing these brilliant 24K goldplated earrings in muted shades of rose and gold. Pair these stunning gems with an elegant gown or your go-to little black dress and you’ll be the belle of the ball. The gorgeous combination of gold, rose and rose gold will stop admirers in their tracks. These sophisticated earrings have...


    With a pebble effect around the edges, swirls of glorious gold and silver and a bold white and gold flower blossoming from the top, these stunning earrings have a luxurious look and feel. Lots of texture and rich shades give these glamorous earrings modern style. So beautifully feminine, you’ll reach for these golden gems every time you have a special...


    We love these earrings for their hammered bezel and golden shimmer. You’ll love them for the extraordinary combination of soft rose and shiny gold. At the center of these irresistible gems, is an oval rose crystal accented by white pearl beading. With rose gold and golden flowers popping against a dark background, these beautiful earrings capture the eye...


    These elegant oval clip earrings have a calm yet alluring feel to them. The centerpiece is a glossy turquoise-blue gemstone like the sparkling surface of the ocean, and it is surrounded by smaller aqua and clear crystals and golden beading, each complementing the center like waves surrounding an island. These unique earrings are soft and lovely. Wear them...


    Get ready to mesmerize wearing these one-of-a-kind earrings with pretty eye-catching touches like pearls, hammered golden edges, and beautifully handcrafted gold flowers. A spectacular blend of color and style, these dazzling earrings are accentuated with golden swirls and pearl touches. A feminine flower blooms from the center of each one making these...

  • Greek Ambience

    A teardrop-shaped piece, originating from the crystal blue depths of the Aegean Sea, alongside multitudes of Greek houses with their white walls draped in flowering bougainvillea and their royal blue roofs as far as the eye can see. A gold-plated piece containing the ambience of the salty air, delicious seafood and summer weather, with its lavish...

  • Cleopatra

    A round-shaped piece with a gold-plated frame, belonging to the times of ancient Egypt, with the Nile River running strong and pyramids being built, when Pharaohs were overseers of the desert land. This piece, with its multitude of Swarovski crystals, looks as if it belonged Cleopatra, a ruler of Egypt known for her surpassing beauty and brilliant charm....

  • Queen

    An oval-shaped piece, decorated in a flowing splendour of Swarovski crystals, the kind that would be fixed into the crown of a royal. A piece that transports its wearer to times of structured ball gowns, traditional dances, expensive China, great feasts and wine by the barrel. A gold-plated piece that could be said to belong to Marie Antoinette, in all...

  • Precious Discovery

    A hoop-shaped piece, adorned with silver glitter and clear Swarovski crystal. A piece carved out of the treasure chests of pirates, the kind that sits on the sea bed in the depths of Caribbean waters, one that is home to both treasure and sea life, with coral and gold clinging to its form.  It’s the kind of gold-plated piece that leaves its wearer a...

  • Forest Fairy

    A water drop-shaped piece imprinted with the legends of an enchanted meadow, legends passed down through generations. A place with as many flowers as blades of grass, it’s the home of the forest fairy with her dazzling magic resembling the shine in the piece’s sprinkles of Swarovski crystal. It’s the kind of gold-plated piece that gives its wearer just...

  • Desert Heat

    An oval-shaped piece transporting its wearer to the heat of the desert, with its hundreds of hills of thousands of grains of sand, with its array of cacti spread across the land and the ever-present sun beating down on the grainy earth. A piece plated in gold and housing Swarovski crystals of different sizes, it’s the perfect piece for an occasion where...

  • Golden Leaves

    These are beautiful looking earrings that would be perfect for a wedding day or any special occasion. The details in the design look lovely. They look expensive, but they are affordable. They can complement any dress you wear any time of the day. The earrings are nice and pretty, and they have colored details in a golden housing. The earrings look unusual...

  • Sky Blue

    These earrings are pretty, delicate, and well made. They are lightweight but not too small, so you may even forget you are wearing them. They are the perfect earrings to wear for formal or casual occasions, and they are comfortable to wear. The earrings will shimmer in a creative manner.  The earrings are the perfect color blue that will match almost...


    These lovely, go-with-everything teardrop shaped earrings feature a pretty stone at the center surrounded by pink and white Swarovski crystals. Soothing colors and sparkling crystals will brighten up any look with golden elegance. These are the perfect earrings to take you from work to weekend in total style.


    These chic earrings will elevate any look, taking you from the office, straight to cocktail hour with friends. With brilliant oval gold bezels, these pretty hook earrings give your wardrobe an update with a fresh bouquet of purple and white hues. An eye-catching blend of colorful Swarovski crystals create the perfect pair of golden earrings that are sure...