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Thank you for visiting the Orit Schatzman store. Whether you shop with us regularly, or just enjoy browsing, we’re so happy that you frequent our site.
As a jewelry designer, I am often asked where I get the inspiration for my designs.
First, I pay attention to the latest trends. I do a great deal of research within the jewelry world and I attend worldwide trade shows and jewelry events so that I am always aware of what women want.
Secondly, I love feminine silhouettes, colorful Swarovski crystals and anything that sparkles.
I believe that when a woman is wearing a piece of jewelry that she really loves, her beauty will be reflected in my design.
Lastly, I look to the magnificent world around me for inspiration. Nature provides us with the most stunning color palette and unbelievable shapes and textures. I am always drawn to the colors of the sea, the sparkle of the stars and the rich earth beneath my feet. My inspiration comes from everything around me, as well as a vision that I have within.
For me, the secret to designing a beautiful piece of jewelry, is to listen to my heart and let my hands do the rest.
I hope that you enjoy wearing my jewelry as much as I enjoy making it.